Why Your Neck Device Is Actually Costing You Your Life!

What’s the Science behind these neck devices, are they just gimmicks, and why should you care?

  1. This information is specifically detailed in CBP courses such as the Cervical Rehab Conference. It would behoove all interested in cervical spine correction to attend this program if you’re a spinal surgeon, chiropractic physician, or orthopaedic surgeon.  Or if you are a patient, understand this higher education is a post-doctoral program level knowledge and requires an extensive basis of knowledge in biomechanics, physics and the clinical application of such aspects in regard to spinal correction.
  1. The posture pump is a nice user friendly device that assists movement and initiates the process of cervical curve rehabilitation. Axial distraction is typically a beneficial maneuver, however only a Doctor can actually determine that. Further, it requires imaging to determine. Additionally, to my knowledge, I know of no high quality published, peer reviewed Randomized trials with long term follow up providing proper data to support the claim that the Posture Pump improves the cervical curvature to the magnitude that most patients and doctors require— EG., 10-20 degrees minimum Correction is what most patients need.

We are always reading the most up to date literature, and welcome any peer reviewed published data with long-term follow up showing specific devices that can refute their unproven claims.  We appreciate new properly performed data.

The only Researched & Proven Spinal Orthotics (Spinal Alignment)

  1. In contrast, the Denneroll has multiple published Randomized trials with long term follow-up (1-2 years) indicating it can improve the cervical lordosis in a short 10-week program. The correction averages 12-15 degrees of curvature and 10-25 mm reduction in forward head posture. Simultaneously with curve and posture improvement the Denneroll groups afforded demonstrative and significant improvement in outcomes of chronic pain, disability, range of motion, functional measures and neurological outcomes.

See the below links to the research.

A Few of the Denneroll publications— note there are several more in review:

  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/30419868/?i=9&from=Harrison%20DE
  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/27576192/?i=2&from=/30419868/related
  3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/27575013/?i=3&from=/30419868/related
  4. The Denneroll is more affordable, very easy to use, and is more portable than the PosturePump.

In the end, health care is about best evidence and patient outcomes. To me the evidence clearly supports the Denneroll from a true corrective care perspective and from a patient outcome perspective. This is not to say the posture pump is not a useful adjunct to a chiropractor and a patient. I have a few in my office but I don’t prescribe these to patients. I only use this when the patient is unable to tolerate extension at first. Once able, we fit and prescribe the patients for the Denneroll as a home tool.

  1. A video is worth a thousand words (see next page). We’ve included a few still images from the video, but check the link and watch it. When it comes to proper medical advice, we maintain our standard of excellence.

Patient’s beginning neck curve.  A very ‘common’ but abnormal curve in the population. This curve is dramatically worsened under spinal load, and is the same case when this patient stands and attempts to utilize the posture pump.

Denneroll vs. PosturePump – YouTube

In the ever growing pursuit of excellence,

Dr. Ryan Livingston, DC

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