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Welcome Doctors, Attorneys and patients looking to further your understanding of the spine, how it affects posture and overall health, and how our clinic is able to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal ligament injuries.

Spinal ligament injuries are the #1, #4 and #6 leading cause of disability and chronic back pain; these lead to dramatically alterted health outcomes and reduced quality of life.

Let’s dive into what they are, what are the common causes and types, the proper work up of spinal ligament injuries, treatments to consider, and perhaps most important of all, proper prevention of these serious non-disc ligament injuries.

Spinal ligament injuries are prone to erratic and unpredictable behavior. These non-disc ligament injuries cause serious underlying neurological conditions.

If you’re suffering from any of the symptoms (below), let us help.

Book a comprehensive exam, consult and advanced imaging (when necessary) to identify the most commonly miss diagnosed injuries in the spine. Your health, and your family, will thank you for it!

ii. Spinal Ligament Injuries

Pittsburgh & New Yorks experts in non-surgical structural spinal correction and spinal ligament injury diagnosis & treatment.

What Makes Us Experts in Ligament Injury Treatment?

We use the latest technology in performing comprehensive exams, tests and advanced specialized stress image testing to analyze exactly what’s going on within your body. Our digital postural analysis, neurological and orthopaedic evaluations, chiropractic examination and biomechanical spinal stress analysis are strengthened with our unique approach to advanced imaging procedures.

We match your exam findings with the best scientific protocols, peer-reviewed medical literature, and Team of Doctors to identify and treat the root causes.

The vast majority of our patients are able to achieve long lasting results through our specific clinical protocols, on-site treatment and highly effective spinal hygiene rehab techniques that you can perform at home or wherever you go to build and sustain long lasting spinal posture, health and hygiene.

Are you ready to get started!?