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New Patient Experience ($499) $299

The New Patient Experience consists of a two-day process.

Day 1 is a comprehensive exam and consultation to establish the full context of a patient’s health.

On Day 2 the doctor will perform a report of findings where you have an opportunity to discuss goals and deep dive into your current and future health.

If you qualify for corrective care, we will then determine the care plan you’ll need.

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What’s Included?

  • Comprehensive Goal-Oriented Consult & Medical Intake
  • Neurological and Orthopedic Examinations
  • Functional Range of Motion Analysis
  • Quality of Life Assessment (Medically Objective)
  • Computerized Postural Assessment
  • Digital X-Rays**
  • State of the Art Digital Spinal Analysis Rendering & Measurements

** If necessary, the Doctors will provide scripts for any advanced imaging you may need.

Day 1 & 2 In Depth

Day 1 is about getting to know you, and your health goals. We take time to do a comprehensive exam and analysis of your real current state of health. Most patients comment it’s the most thorough exam any Doctor has performed. Any advanced imaging, lab work, etc. will be ordered at this time.

Day 2 is the follow-up visit to review the report of findings. We’ll cover your exam findings, and discuss your results. We’ll come up with a care plan based on two things 1) YOUR GOALS and 2) DOCTOR’S FINDINGS.


  • Q1: What do the exams and initial visit consist of?

    A1: This includes a detailed discussion of your
    health history along with your life goals. The Doctors will perform a comprehensive exam consisting of a series of complex neurological/orthopaedic tests, along with advanced digital postural and medical imaging (x-rays or MRI scripts if necessary)
  • Q2: What’s the follow up visit for?

    A2: It takes time to digitally analysis your advanced imaging, develop a full protocol of traction, rehabilitation & therapeutic exercises, and home care for your Spine and health concerns. We’ll go over the detailed digital x-ray analysis, the report of findings for our treatment & rehab protocols, as well as what you need to do outside of the Office in order to get the same life changing results that likely brought you to our Clinic in the first place. If you want the same life altering results your friends and family have experienced, it really takes getting to the core of what’s wrong in your body, and how we can address the multi-faceted approach to health, as well as obtain any referrals for care that we don’t offer.
  • Q3: Will I get X-Rays?

    A3: Our protocols and level of clinical expertise require x-ray to truly perform structural correction. That said, not everyone needs structural correction, or wants to put in the effort it takes to achieve it. **X-Rays and advanced imaging are included (at facilities which have x-ray) in the new patient visit, but they are dependent on the exam warranting their medical necessity.
  • Q4: Do you take insurance?

    A4: Yes, we accept all major insurances. Every insurance is drastically different, as well as their coverages, and whether or not you have a condition that they will agree is medically necessary to treat. That’s up to your insurance, not us. For that reason,
    we’ll verify your insurance and coverages. If you have insurance, bring your card with you, and we’ll have your benefits verified for the follow up report of findings.