Sports Injuries

Asymptomatic (no pain) athletes were found to have 78% disease process and degeneration in the spinal column with disc herniations, forward head postures, and poor spinal alignment.  These disease processes, of which, take considerable time, years of imbalance, to occur.



ptimal function and performance.  That is the primary goal of all athletes.  When you focus on growing, creating, and performing at the absolute best you can, by that very nature you are learning to prevent injuries.  Our elite athletes are a lot like our top CEOs, Executives and business owners, who’s primary goal is performing at a high level so they can not only finish their tasks, but keep up with the ever growing and increasing demands of companies as they seek growth.  It takes a lot of energy, committment, perserverance and focus to run a high performing body, as it does to run a high performing company.

In this way we focus on our elite athletes in the same way.  Optimal performance.  The athlete may come in with an injury, or a pain in the knee for example. However, once we analyze the entire spinal column structure (your true CORE), and assess how the entire body works in a kinetic chain, we often find that the source of pain is not the source of the problem, it’s the end stage failure.   If you run on a pelvis that’s rotated for years, you can create arthritis of the hip joints, sacral regions, and knees and ankles.  Your body tries to compensate by creating imbalances in other regions of the body, like the opposite muscles. These muscles and ligamentous structures become overworked, and under-rested.  Ultimately leading to biomechanical failure, and that’s when an athlete suffers a career ending injury.

Our elite athletes perform better, recover faster, and achieve higher results when they are consistently investing and promoting the most optimal functioning of their body. Function has nothing to do with pain, and waiting until you’re in pain is the worst thing you can do. By then it’s too late, same with diseases.  By the time you feel pain, or are experiencing a symptom like acid indigestion, headaches, etc.  your body and/or the organs are already at roughly 60% cell death, or disease process of an organ, tissue or cells. Our bodies are resilient.  Elite atheltes understand this well.