Corporate Wellness

Corporations seek to benefit from programs that create an enthusiastic Culture within the company.  One which promotes health and wellness, helps to achieve increased compliance and consistency within the Team. Safety and acceptance are crucial.



orporate wellness is a favorite of our culture at Advanced Spinal Institute. We believe the top down approach, when performed effectively, is the most powerful and influential part of a company. Corporate wellness can make or break a company and approaching it proactively is more important now than ever.

The Bottom Line.

Our EliteCare approach helps you and your company become more productive, increase energy and focus, decrease sick days and squash the elusive silent killer… presenteeism. Our corporate incentives are next level.

Our Focus.

Our corporate wellness program is designed with leadership and growth in mind. Growing and nurturing a physically and emotionally healthy culture is a critical component to any successful organization.

Promote a relaxed and fun environment with our Employee Appreciation Program that revolves around pampering the ground troops. Our integrated holistic and vitalistic approach for the program is based on the same foundation and methodologies we subscribe to for optimal health of the entire body and mind. A happy and healthy employee truly benefits everyone.

Why Us?

The best answer we came up with? We’ve been working with major corporate companies for almost a decade. From major corporate companies to elite athletes, we understand the pressures and demands of being at the top and staying there for a lifetime. That’s why the best companies are investing in their employees’ health and offering nontrivial bonuses and healthcare incentives to stay fit and healthy. That’s why they choose us.


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Employee Appreciation Program (Monthly Employee Appreciation Days)
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