Competitive Athletics

Over 500,000 visits to the physician (approximately 31,000 visits to the hospital) occur every year for just youth Sports injuries.  Conservative estimates lend that well over 37% of athletes sustain severe Sport injuries.  Approximately 50% of those land the patient in the Emergency Department!  Those staggering statistics do not account for the serious injuries that athletes push through and never seek expert physicans for; lead to biomechanical issues that affect them seriously later on in life. 

Perhaps it’s time to seriously rethink the way we address sports, performance and ‘waiting for injuries to occur’ before we assess the overall integrity of the athletes body as a whole.



ports related injuries are no joke.  At Advanced Spinal Institute, we help athletes with a drastically different approach.  No one wants injuries.  Just about every athlete has experienced a major one.  They can take you out of the game or an entire season of athletics.  With athletes these days playing multiple sports, there’s no downtime, and injuries can cause your child to miss out on more than just the game.  In many cases the athlete misses scholarship opportunities or a full ride to college because of an injury that really occurred years or decades earlier.

Remember that fall you had when you were a young teen that left you with major pain?  You never got it truly evaluated, because, as an athlete, you’re tough!  We get it; however, just because the pain wore off (or you’ve been suffering with it and training through it since that day) doesn’t mean your body ever fully healed.  Take for example a ‘simple’ knee injury.  Once injury occurs your body begins to compensate by creating imbalances in other regions of the body, like opposite muscles.  Your brain gets used to that new injury pattern, and integrates that new norm or ‘program’ and you could be running that program possibly for life!  We’ve structured an amazing protocol for reducing recovery time and getting athletes back to the game, reducing future injuries and setting new personal records.  When an athlete comes in with an injury it typically takes a lot longer to heal than an elite athlete coming in for optimal performance, as the latter have already undergone the advanced CORE exam series of tests.

What is the CORE exam series?

We start by analyzing the entire spinal column structure (your true CORE).  We assess how the entire body works in a kinetic chain.  During the initial exam we often find that the source of current pain is not the source of the problem, it’s the end stage failure.  If you run on a pelvis that’s rotated for years, you can create arthritis of the hip joints, sacral regions, knees and ankles.  You can see how overcompensation can create other imbalances of the body that become a lifelong pattern.  These muscles and ligamentous structures become overworked and under-rested ultimately leading to biomechanical failure.  That is often an athlete suffers a career ending injury.  Under our competitive athletics CORE program, our doctors will develop a detailed plan of care with a special focus on high impact muscle recovery, preventative care and optimum athletic performance.

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