Body Recomposition

Seeds are a plants natural reproduction.  Within them contains a life.  Fully loaded with energy dense micronutrients, minerals and sustainence.  The key to creating a lean, sculpted sexy physique, and healthy body for the long term, is detoxification and an emphatic focus on micronutrients.

PLANT PARADOX ~Steven Gundry, MD


ody Recomposition is one of our primary talents at Advanced Spinal Institute. Being highly integrated with the World of Fitness & Bodybuilding, with the background and experience of our team and the Corporate companies we work with, we have an influential outreach.

The Bottomline.

If you’ve ever wanted to get lean, sculpted and shredded, this is the place to do it.

Our Focus.

We don’t just do nutrition, we do it right.  We believe a healthy body is naturally in a state of lean body mass, so we start there.  We believe your body will get rid of unnecessary toxins accumulated in body fat tissues when you start by addressing the toxicities you’re not aware of that are leading to your hormone, thyroid and organ problems which worsen anxiety, stress, and ultimately promote fat storage.  First we get you healthy with wholefood detoxification  focused food, as we’re setting the stage to change your body composition to a leaner, sexier you!

Did we mention sexier?

Why Us?

We’ve worked with professional fitness models, bodybuilders, professional athletes, and collegiate champions who are up and coming stars.  When it comes to getting you healthy and looking great!, we’ve got your back.

Yes, we know… lame pun…  but it all starts with a healthy spine!


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