Back & Neck Pain

Neck pain, low back pain and stiffness are most commonly serious indications that an injury has been avoided for a long time.  Spinal degeneration is largely asymptomatic, and is known as the silent killer.  A medical research analysis compared those injured in severe car crashes and showed that it took up to 30 days for the crash victims to  express any symptoms, despite having severe disc herniation and spinal column issues on imaging.



ain is the worst symptom to base your health on, which is to say, you are not healthy simply because you lack pain.  Yet still, we know pain can still be very real and very debilitating.  Chiropractic care is a safe and very effective option to treat pains of the back and neck (and the whole body) by getting to the root of the problem and correcting the subluxation or misalignment that is causing your pain.  But chiropractic cares is so much more than just that!

Let’s talk a bit about a common misconception first.

Spinal pain and issues with the ‘back’ and ‘neck’, such as muscle spasms, malalignment, forward head posture, scoliosis, postural swaying, torticollis (and the list goes on) have nothing to do with age.  Your spine does not decay with age, as evidenced by patients in their 80’s and 90’s with perfectly healthy spines. Medical studies show the age of the specimen is not correlated to spinal degeneration.  That is a myth that has been perpetuated.

Your spine only decays and degenerates with abnormal structure (true posture), and the absence of taking care of the spine (spinal hygiene).  The direct correlation is to length of time that the patient’s spine has been subjected to abnormal spinal mechanics.  These spinal biomechanical issues can come from traumatic injuries (e.g., acute/sudden car crashes, falls, sports injuries) but most often come from poor chronic repetitive movements on abnormal structures (e.g., mechanics, desk jobs, sitting for hours, truck drivers, athletes with poor mechanics, improper recovery).  So there is some good news.  You are not in pain because of your age and there is an effective way to get out of pain!

Your spinal column, just like any other organ or system in your body, has a health range.  Your blood pressure has a normal healthy range, your heart rate has a normal healthy range, the saliva of your mouth has a normal health pH, and your stomach acid needs to be in a normal healthy pH range.  When these go out of range, and stay out of range for a long period of time, severe disease processes occur and grow exponentially.  The longer they are kept out of the healthy range it becomes a matter of time before your body can no longer keep up.  Your spine is no different.

At Advanced Spinal Institute, we take the time to thoroughly assess your spinal structure, biomechanical integrity and the overall health of your nervous system.  We complete a thorough exam with neurological, orthopedic and functional tests.  Our treatment is designed to correct spinal structures, based on stress tests and exams performed to see what is capable with your spine.  Our treatment is also aimed at decreasing spinal load which can actually regenerate the discs.  This validates our care in the long term.  This is how we pinpoint causes of pain and this is how we effectively treat it.  But our goal is not to simply keep you pain free.  Rather than focusing on immediate pain relief, our scientific protocols and techniques are aimed at correcting all your underlying spinal issues.

We work effectively to arm and equip you with the latest medical literature of the spine.  We teach and educate you on spinal hygiene, home rehabilitation, advanced mirror imaging exercises and postural re-education, as well as ergonomic posturing for work, home and sports.  Poor posture that affects you daily can work against us if not addressed and slow down treatment progress, and you guessed it … cause you pain.

There are many articles and medical research studies across our site to inform you of the major issues that occur with improper spinal hygiene and an abnormal spinal structure.  Under our care at Advanced Spinal Institute, we’ll passionately focus on optimal spinal health and worrying about pain will become a thing of the past.

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