One cannot think well, sleep well, live well,

if one’s spine is not aligned well.

Get a proper exam, consult and imaging to identify the most commonly miss diagnosed injuries in the spine.

Our Policies Let's get you taken care of in the best capacity, and leave the worry out of it.

We set the standard in healthcare, and that includes our policies, expectations and pricing.  In addition to explanation in our clinic, and documents and policies around our online presence, we include a locale for you to access our guidelines and expectations.

These are intended to be, but not always, considered our most up to date policies, financial expectations and systems.  As great companies do, we are always growing and developing better, more succinct and efficient processes. With any questions, please contact us.

We have password protected our documents to avoid privacy & hacking issues. Email us, (or regular USPS mail) in writing and we’ll be glad to get that to you.