One of the most impactful non-profit Healthcare communities in the United States.

At Community HealthCare Resources Nonprofit our primary objective is the delivery of free health care services at no cost to the public.

Our ten-year goal is to recruit the delivery of twenty million dollars in care to the public annually by 2030 and fully fund clinics delivering pro-bono care to the public.

This keeps people healthy by delivering essential care early to address issues that left unattended worsen.

By doing so we help improve lives while reducing the burden on the safety net systems like unemployment, social security insurance, disability and medicaid. 

Our Doctors deliver their volunteer care on behalf of Community Healthcare Resources, a non-profit organization that gives us the freedom to take care of the less fortunate and impoverished communities that desperately need us.  Due to the sheer volume of care our Doctors perform, we rely entirely on our Communities to donate.  Please donate generously,  lives depend on us.

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